Excursions (EN)

Countryside of Eysturoy, 4.5 hrs, DKK 520,-

We leave the capital and drive through the new subseatunnel between Streymoy and Eysturoy. This 11 km tunnel has a beautiful sculptured roundabout under the sea. Our first visit is at “sheephouse” where the farmer will tell us about sheep farming and you will get to see the sheep up close. You will also get a small taste bite of faroese dry meat and local rubarb refreshment. After this visit you will get a chance to see what the whool is used for at Navia, a Faroese producer of woolen clothing, where modern designs are combined with age-old methods and traditions, lending each piece a unique character and the highest quality. The result is unique, both as comfortable clothing of high quality and as original leisure wear.

The village of Gøta – © Marita Gulklett

Further north we will visit the village of Gøta and the Blasastova Museum will provide a unique insight into the culture and way of life in the Faroes in past centuries. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see a complete, old, Faroese village community complete with old farmer’s cottages, fisherman’s cottages and an ancient church.

Heading back to the ship we will pass idyllic villages and cross ‘the only bridge over the Atlantic’ which connects Streymoy and Eysturoy islands. We also take the mountain road and stop at the viewpoint overlooking the capital.

Island of Vágar, 4 hrs, DKK 470,-

Enjoy a panoramic drive around the lovely, traditional villages of picturesque Vágar Island.

Travel north from Tórshavn through an undersea tunnel to the scenic island of Vágar. Vágar Island has 3 large villages (Miðvágur, Sandavágur, Sørvágur) and 3 small ones (Bøur Gásadalur, Vatnsoyrar). Immerse yourself in culture and scenery as you visit some of these delightful villages.

Your first stop is at Sandavágur, a well-kept historic village where excavations have uncovered ruins from the Middle Ages. Visit the distinctive red-roofed Sandavágur Church where the Sandavágur stone, a 13th century runestone with a runic description is displayed. Afterwards, your scenic drive continues past the villages of Sørvágur, and Vatnsoyrar, a new village founded in 1921. It is the only village in the archipelago that is not on the coast, and it sits alongside the large lake of Sørvagsvatn.

You’ll soon arrive at Bøur, an old fishing village, which is considered to be one of the oldest villages in the Faroes; the views out to sea are among the most beautiful in the Faroe Islands. We will enjoy refreshments and homemade cake at the old Warehouse dating back from 1861

The scenic »Múlafossur« at the village of Gásadalur – © Marita Gulklett

Follow your guide as they lead you on an optional walking tour of Bøur. Admire the magnificent view over the sea and the rocky islet Tindholmur with its many peaks. The village has charming old wooden houses and a traditional old tar-blackened church from 1865. Your final visit is at Gásadalur, a remote village with less than 20 inhabitants. It lies on the edge of the Mykines Fjord and is accessed through a mountain tunnel.

Gjógv & Pancakes, 4.5 hrs, DKK 447,-

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Faroe Islands before stopping at a quaint fishing village to sample some tasty pancakes.

Embark on a scenic northerly drive, passing idyllic villages and the old whaling station at Áir, before crossing ‘the only bridge over the Atlantic’ to Eysturoy – the 2nd largest island in the Faroes. Pass the village of Eiði and look out for the 2 distinctive rock formations rising from the sea, the Giant and the Hag, before continuing past Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, to the village of Gjógv.

The natural harbour at the village of Gjógv – © Marita Gulklett

Gjógv, named after its 650 foot long sea-filled gorge, provides a marvellous natural harbour for the local fishing fleet to shelter in. Enjoy refreshments of traditional pancakes, served with coffee and tea at a local guesthouse. After your refreshments, you’ll have the chance to sit back and relax in the warm, or wander through the pretty little fishing village to admire the gorge.

Taking the mountain road back to Tórshavn, you’ll stop at a viewpoint overlooking the capital for the chance to photograph the surrounding panorama.

Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, 4 hrs, DKK 560,-

Saksunardrangur, Vestmannabjørgini – Erik Christensen, CC BY-SA 3.0

The coach will take us to the village of Vestmanna where we board boats and sail out to the bird cliffs. Here is something for all your senses: the sounds of sea birds, the whispering of the sea and its changing colours, the weather-beaten cliff formations, and the sky touching the peak of the mountain. We sail along the cliff wall into a narrow gorge, where sheer rock walls on both sides rise vertically towards the sky. On the very top of the cliffs, close to the sky, sheep graze completely unimpressed with us. The boat slowly enters one of the many grottoes, and for a moment the daylight disappears. Darkness and the sound of dripping water surround us and, then, suddenly we emerge on the other side. The boat stops for a while we enjoy the scenery. People point and take photographs, but a photo is unable to render what your eyes actually see. It can only help you remember the details. After the boat trip, we return to Tórshavn via the mountain road and stop at the viewpoint overlooking the capital.